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Best ways to avoid fertility problems in women

Fertility is a serious concern in women. Every woman dreams of being a mother. However, getting pregnant is easier said than done especially in these days when infertility rates are high. Here are the best ways to avoid fertility problems in women.

Ways to avoid fertility problems in women

Eat healthy

retertertertertertThe first step in enhancing your fertility as a woman is taking healthy meals all the time. You will be what you eat at the end of the day. Ensure that each of the three meals of the day is nutritionally balanced. Additionally, include food substances that enhance fertility in your diet deliberately. Good examples of such foods include oysters, salmon, beans, leafy greens, and figs, to name but a few.

Quit smoking

If you are a heavy smoker, you should expect to have fertility problems. It will be a while before you can conceive, and when you finally do, you are likely to give birth to a deformed child. Miscarriages among cigarette smokers are also high, so you may actually not get to the point of giving birth. On top of smoking, you should also quit excessive drinking of alcohol. Avoid hard drugs as well.

Practice safe sex

fhfddfhgfhgfhfghThis is contradictory right? Let me explain how safe sex enhances your fertility. Here, I will assume that you have a planned period in which you expect to conceive. If you are sexually active, postpone unprotected sex until this period comes. Unprotected sex is a risk factor for sexually transmitted diseases such as gonorrhea, syphilis, and chlamydia. All these diseases cause fertility problems.

When you are finally ready to conceive (I hope it will be sooner rather than later), consider your choice of a man. An infertile man will make you think you are infertile. Remember that fertility problems occur in both men and women.

Choose family planning methods wisely

Women are always advised to get advice from their doctors on which family planning methods are suitable for them. Those who ignore this advice are likely to have fertility problems. This is because some family planning methods may interfere with the natural ovulation process long after you stop using them. Others may actually block ovulation permanently. While it is good to plan your pregnancies wisely, be careful to ensure that you do so in the best way for your body type.

Maintain a healthy body

Now you know why every woman is going to the gym- they want to enhance their fertility. Maintaining a healthy body enhances your ability to conceive. If you exercise regularly, you lose weight and boost your overall body health. When your body is healthy, your menstrual cycle is more predictable. Ovulation is also more regular.

You understand your body perfectly, and you know when you can conceive and when you can’t. It is said that sperms can remain viable in a woman’s reproductive system for several days to wait for the ovum. The ovum can also remain viable in the reproductive system of a woman to wait for viable sperms. This only happens among the healthy women. Therefore, if you want to enhance your fertility level, you should live a healthy life. Eat healthy diets. Exercise. Be happy.