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Coconut milk and coconut oil

Beauty Benefits of Coconut Oil

You will find a lot of people that are a great fan of coconut oil because it does everything for their skin. Coconut oil has lots of good fats which provide you with energy, excellent for cooking and can fight microbes in your body.

The smell of coconut oil is fantastic. But do you have any idea that coconut oil is also useful for your skin? Well, that’s the truth; you can gain a lot of benefits from coconut oil. Below you will get to see some of the benefits that it has on your skin.

Face Wash

human face using coconut oilWith its moisturizing abilities and antimicrobial abilities, coconut oil is perfect for cleaning your skin. It helps in killing all kind of bacteria and pimples keeping your skin hydrated making it feel and looking vibrant.

Diaper Rash Guard

When you use coconut oil on your skin, it helps to ease pain, redness, and itch of diaper rash. If you use it daily, it will help you keep it at bay. You should use only a tablespoon on the areas that are affected.

Cold Sore Treatment

Using of coconut oil on your cold sores helps them heal faster than you could imagine. It helps reduce the risk of leaving scars and alleviates the pain on the cold sores. Coconut oil has three types of the fatty acid such as, the caprylic, lauric and capric acid that contains both antimicrobial and disinfectant properties, that cure microbial infections and protects you from it.

Body Oil

You can use coconut oil as your body oil. It helps in moisturizing as it removes the dead cells from the skin by making a body scrub or even a facial scrub. All you have to do to mix your coconut oil with sugar to get smoother skin. Repeat this few times in a week.

Cuticle Oil

split coconutsYou can also use coconut oil at home as your manicure. When you rub the oil in your cuticles, it helps to keep germs away and also loosens up your skins. By doing this, you will find that the cuticles will be easier to cut or to push them back.

Dry Hands

If after washing your dishes or washing clothes and other chores is affecting your hands, then coconut oil is the perfect remedy for you. You can keep a bottle by the sink, your garage or even in your laundry room to replenish your hands. All you have to do is to rub the oil on your hands, and then you cover them with gloves to soften them.