Hotel Instagram Contest: Pick The Best Prize!

You’ve decided your hotel’s Instagram needs more interaction after reviewing the data. After doing some reading, you’ve come to the conclusion that hosting a giveaway may be beneficial, but you’re stumped as to where to begin. What exactly should you give up, then? What do you think will be the best for your home?

Considering all the options available, one could feel confused. But there’s no need to fret; we’ll assist you in navigating the available alternatives. This article will assist you in selecting the most suitable Instagram contest for your hotel by examining the various contest kinds, user difficulty, individual success rates, and account size recommendations for each.

Rules for Instagram contests:

Before we go into the various types of giveaways, let’s make sure you’re familiar with Instagram’s guidelines. This is only a summary, so make sure you read the full set of guidelines before launching your contest.

  • The first step is to clearly state the guidelines for entering your giveaway.
  • Next, please describe the offer and its prerequisites.
  • Finally, Instagram needs you to put a disclaimer noting that they are not liable for any problems that may arise as a result of the promotion.

Favourite Instagram Prize:

I know you share my enthusiasm for freebies, which is why contests are a great way to interact with your target audience. Having a target in mind is a great place to begin when planning a giveaway. Getting more people to visit your hotel’s website or expanding your fan base are both reasonable objectives. After settling on a target, it’s much simpler to pick the appropriate competition.

The most effective freebies will be discussed now. The number of Instagram followers your hotel has will determine your chances of winning each of the following contests. Picking the perfect photo to share on Instagram is the first step in organising a contest. Use a picture of your hotel, the prize you’re offering, or the word “giveaway” in generic text.

Small accounts make up the first group.

These contests are great for low-traffic accounts since they require little effort from participants. With such a low barrier to entry, you may expect a greater percentage of success and more engagement with your Instagram feed.

  • The first guideline of this giveaway is to post a photo with instructions urging your followers to like the image.
  • Second contest instruction photo: urge users to follow the hotel’s Instagram account to enter.
  • Thirdly, for a chance to win a trip to the Robin Hood Hotel in Norwood, Australia, post a photo with the guidelines urging followers to tag two friends in the comments. They ran a contest where participants had to tag a friend to enter (remind them to only tag friends or people they actually know to avoid spamming).

Second-Level Accounts: Those with 100,000 to 1,000,000 Followers

Even though they are easy, these three freebies do demand the users to be more proactive, making them ideal for medium-sized accounts with reasonably excellent profile interaction. Due to the moderate level of difficulty, participation will be lower than in Category 1. As a result, you’ll be able to attract a more dedicated fan base by offering more substantial prizes.

  • Fourthly, tell your fans to share an Instagram photo of themselves at the hotel, in the city, or at their ideal vacation spot to enter the giveaway. You can keep tabs on the submissions by making your own custom hashtags. Use #HollywoodHotelGiveaway #HH10Y Party #HHphotocontest if you’re the Hollywood Hotel. Using custom hashtags, photo entries may be quickly sorted and viewed. Asking people to identify your hotel is another approach to keep tabs on who enters your promotion.
  • Post a photo and specify that visitors must comment with their favourite meal or any topic related to the snapshot. You may also have them give feedback on pictures from elsewhere in your feed.
  • Prize No. 6: If your hotel has a website and you want more people to visit it, enter our contest. You may do this by uploading a picture to your hotel’s website alongside instructions for how visitors can enter a prize by doing things like subscribing to your newsletter or filling out a giveaway form you made in Google Docs. The above photo, which was shot by @lofficielnl on Instagram, is a great illustration of this concept, as it features the Hotel the Dylan in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Large Accounts (those with 10,000+ followers)

Promotional competitions like this work best for major accounts with lots of followers. Since your following is already sizable, focusing on attracting new people is probably not the greatest use of your time. Since fewer individuals would be entering, you may afford to offer more valuable incentives, such as longer stays.

  • Offer No. 7: Instruct Instagram users to share your photo with their own followers by tagging your profile and using a custom hashtag.
  • Prize No. 8: Share a photo with a set of guidelines encouraging people to follow your hotel’s other social media accounts on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, etc. Warning! If you’re doing a contest like this across many social media sites, keeping track of the same individuals may be a real pain in the neck. One advantage is that it can help drive traffic to your other websites.
  • Give-away Number Nine: Encourage participants to promote the giveaway announcement on other social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, etc…. Tell them to make it easy for you to handle the entries by tagging or hashtagging your hotel on the other platforms as well.

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