7 Tips For Creating A Killer Brand Bio On Instagram

Here are some suggestions for improving your Instagram profile so that it attracts more followers and is easier to navigate. A well-crafted Instagram bio serves as the equivalent of a business card, introducing ourselves to new followers.

During Instagram’s rise to prominence, users increasingly like using Instagram’s search function to look for a particular brand, rather than Google. Obviously not everywhere, but the audience size has grown to the point where practically every business should think about joining. The difficulty arises if you aim to make a strong first impression (which, let’s be honest, you do! ), to be memorable and, therefore, to attract a following, market your product, and boost your return on investment.


We must ensure its simplicity in both composition and memorization first. Many Instagram users discuss their favourite accounts and users, and if they can recall the name, they are likely to mention or tag it in conversation. If at all possible, avoid using dots and underscores, and never use more than one consecutive underscore because the human eye cannot count them. If your desired company name is too generic and taken, then punctuation marks can serve as a suitable alternative.


Instead of a username, you should use the complete name of your business when setting your name in the settings menu. It’s helpful to include some keywords or a quick explanation there as well. Instagram only uses your username and real name in search searches, so keep them in mind while you’re filling up your profile. Your profile will be more discoverable if you provide clear information.

Snapshot for a Personal Profile

Here, again, the principle of uniformity is of paramount importance. It’s preferable if your profile picture is consistent across all of the social media profiles you administer for a single business.

The ideal profile photo for your company’s social media pages is one that is professional looking, easily recognisable, and can be used across all of your accounts. Brand icons include company logos, pictures of company mascots, and other photographs (of products for example). Keep in mind that Instagram’s avatar is rather small and should be legible even at a glance.

Summarize the person’s life story.

This is where you get to introduce people to your brand, give them a glimpse into the character behind the name, and perhaps get them to stick around and follow your profile. All you need to know, condensed into a tweet of only 150 characters.

Advice, as follows:

  • Describe photos and leave comments using the same words you’d use in conversation;
  • express the essence of the brand in a few succinct sentences using relevant keywords;
  • separate your content with line breaks and space to make it simpler to read;
  • Don’t be shy about using emoji; they’re a great tool for expressing the brand’s tone and character.
  • If you own a business, such as a cafe, it’s also helpful to list your store’s hours of operation.
  • If you want to attract a dedicated following to your profile, you need develop the brand hashtag, and the easiest place to do it is in the bio. Communities, Instagram challenges, campaign tracking, and monitoring and analysis are all simplified with the use of hashtags;
  • …and don’t overlook the imperative! Ignite your audience’s loyalty by urging them to follow you.


To add a link,* use this area, as it is the only one available on your Instagram profile.
A clickable link wouldn’t function in the photo’s description or comments, but here it is accessible to all users. You can’t afford to pass up this chance.
You may simply point people to your homepage, your most recent blog entries, a landing page just for your newest items, or a page advertising a deal. You decide! When you mention “link is in the bio” in the post description, be sure to provide a current link.

Commercial Banking

You have probably already turned your Instagram account to business mode if you use it for professional purposes (which is why you’re here reading this, right?).


Your profile will appear in any section you select. It functions regardless of the classification you’ve assigned to your fan page. Do not be vague; state clearly what it is you do and what your profile is focused on.

Ways to Get in Touch

In the professional setting, you have access to more customization options, such as direct messaging shortcuts. Add your phone number, address, and email address to the fields provided under “Contact Options” in your account settings. You should make it easy for people to locate and get in touch with you.


You’ve worked hard to craft the perfect Instagram bio in the hopes of attracting new followers; now, here’s one more piece of advice to provide the greatest possible first impression.

Your profile’s Highlights section will appear beneath the general profile information. It’s a perfect venue for expanding upon your business’s background and offerings. Here you may tell whole tales about your brand and the people who work for it, such as the launch of new goods, the introduction of new team members, the presentation of the firm’s mission, or the promotion of an upcoming corporate event.

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