Useful Tips To Engage Followers Using TikTok Videos

TikTok is one of the most trending social media platforms. It ranks sixth among the other platforms like Snapchat, Pinterest, and Twitter. Also, TikTok got more than 1.65 billion downloads.

TikTok has 69% of users ranging from 16 to 24 years old. From 2021 onwards, you have a chance to start your business on TikTok that makes your brand reach youngsters. 

This post has got a few practical tips to make exciting results by engaging your fans.

Start With Branded Hashtags:

Hashtag challenges are the backbone for searching and growing your followers. Nowadays, trending hashtag challenges are working more on the platform. 

Today, TikTok challengers use the specific hashtag to motivate its users to make videos on particular niches. Several companies have used hashtag challenges for effective results. 

Do you need your video content visible by TikTok hashtags to gain engagement from your followers? If so, you can then buy TikTok likes that makes your video viral and trends your content globally.

Here, the best example of TikTok’s hashtag challenge is #Guac Dance. Avocado lovers made it a challenge to share their dance performance. TikTok followers become ambitious, topping through the Guacamole song. Also, tagged using this hashtag #GuaDance. Moreover, the #GuaDance hashtag resulted in 250K video submissions by proving it to be universal.

1. Collaborate With An Influencer

Partnering with an influencer on TikTok gives you a chance to make a connection with your followers. You can gain engagement from the creator’s originality and extraordinary style. 

Some methods to collaborate with influencers on TikTok, which are below:

  1. Account takeover: It lets a TikTok creator publish content straight from your account. Generally, takeovers will be cross-promoted on the influencer’s profile as well as your business profile.
  1. Endorsements: Making TikTok influencers to advertise for your brands or products on their respective channel. 

2. Useful Tips To Work With TikTok Influencers:

Identify the perfect match. Just simply don’t collaborate with the largest influencer you see. Always make sure that your TikTok influencers bring value by grabbing your audiences with your brands. 

Be Genuine: TikTok influencers are reliable as they have a realistic tone that makes their audience adore and love them. To become an effective partner, you should allow them to have their liberty on content, yet don’t be too dominating. 

Estimate the Outcomes: Check your TikTok results for your influencer collaboration; it covers sales, followers count, or ad campaign participation to estimate your success. 

3. Create Branded Filters:

While comparing Instagram and Snapchat with TikTok, the content creators can include lenses and Augmented Reality filters to make a unique effect on their TikTok videos. 

Brands can enjoy this feature by posting customized filters. Say, for instance, NY Fashion Week had invited several TikTok content creators to their 2020 show. 

Making effective filters needs designing ability on your team’s part, so it might only be worthy for most events or special occasions or routine. Yet when made well, TikTok filters can improve brand awareness and increase the followers count. 

4. Record Current Shows Or Events:

Sometimes, several trends become viral or even dead within TikTok. You can make your content engaged with TikTok followers, where you need to follow pop culture and trending news that they take on a new genre.

An example of the esteemed newspaper, Washington Post, is best at changing topical events as TikTok videos. Ultimately, current shows are their brands. By identifying methods to change those niches into engaging video content, they accumulated more than 390K TikTok fans. 

Audiences of the bizarre Netflix web series Love Is Blind began to appreciate their greetings for the show in the video.