As the world’s 2nd largest search engine, YouTube is a channel widely used to promote the audiences, educate the audiences, and entertain the audiences. Roughly YouTube has 22B visits monthly, and also the average duration of the session is under just 40 minutes. YouTube is liked by people a lot. However, like things are all on the internet, YouTube having more views. Sometimes enterprises also use to get YouTube likes  to promote their business. People are used to buying views for YouTube by either convincing people or fooling the YouTube algorithm that many people have watched. 

There are a few problems just with this approach.

  • Getting better and better of the capabilities of the detection of the YouTube bots
  • Rather than the views count of YouTube, the algorithm pays more attention to the user’s behavior.
  • It can be more expensive.

If you are a content creator or a marketer wants to increase your views on YouTube for free, then this is the process that will take more effort and more time. You will be reward with high views if you do it in the right method. You can then get viewership of the audience, and you can expand your content, a better user experience, and an opportunity. With its great number of users, YouTube is one of the high platforms to reach the world’s audience. Whether you are sharing things or teaching people how to create origami muppet or spoofing of the president, this platform has enough ability to reach billions of people.


Like the algorithm of google’s search results, YouTube also has its search results algorithm, which is used to show the most relevant and best videos to the users. YouTube has various factors of algorithm widely in its to decide which are the best videos and rank in the search results of its top position. The description of the videos is where creators can inform better the search engines, and the creators should create te video by the way users can easily understand the videos of yours.  Try to both generic and remain standout. You should attract the interest of people.

Tags of YouTube videos will help you further distinguish the video of yours and help understand the algorithm that people will view and think when users see your YouTube videos. These are all along with your title and description and should reflect the core of your video. Think SEO with short tail again. Transcripts and captions of your have been debated heavily as to their ranking of YouTube.  Boost your videos by buying YouTube likes, which provides you a quick boost.

Success and the most important thing about your video will be based on how many views it will get by your videos. Your video must provide valuable content to the viewers. Promote the content of others and get subscribers more for your channel.