How to Repost on Instagram in 2023 – 6 Easy Steps

With over 1.3 billion active users per month, Instagram has quickly become one of the most popular social networking sites.

Instagram has matured into an innovative social media marketing tool throughout the years, allowing many firms to connect with their target consumers, promote their products, and increase sales.

You may repost content on Instagram in a number of ways, including by utilising the app’s built-in functionality, by capturing a screenshot and then reposting it, or by using specialised third-party applications.

Learn the ins and outs of Instagram reposting and how to increase your audience engagement with this blog article.

6 Easy Steps to Repost on Instagram

Decide Which Original Post to Repost

Navigate Instagram to locate the image you wish to reuse.
Select the share button

To access the sharing options for this article, tap the paper aircraft symbol located just below the post itself.
Include the update in your narrative

When you click the paper aeroplane, the option to “Add post to your story” will appear.
Refine the message

Tap “Add post to your story” and the image you want to share will open in the app. You can make changes to the post, such as adding a new caption, resizing the image, or switching the filter.
Give proper credit to the artist

The post’s original author must be acknowledged. Instagram has a built-in credit function that will add the original user’s handle to the shared image, or you can just mention them in the description.

Please re-upload the revised version.
Once you’ve made any necessary changes to the post and given proper credit to the original poster, you can add it to your Instagram story by clicking the “Add to your story” button.

The Instagram Feed Reposting Procedures

Select the Post You Want to Repost
Navigate Instagram to locate the image you wish to reuse.

Select the share button
To access the sharing options for this article, tap the paper aircraft symbol located just below the post itself.
Post Again

Choose “Repost” from Instagram’s share menu to publish the original post to your own profile.

Instead, if you don’t see the Repost button, you can follow these steps.

Because it is not a standard Instagram feature, some users may not have the “Repost” option available to them. Taking a screenshot, cropping the post, or utilising a third-party software made for Instagram reposting are all viable options in such a scenario.

First, grab a screenshot of the post. Second, add it to Instagram by clicking the plus sign in the lower right corner of your home feed or profile.

Pick a current screenshot to use

Find the screenshot you just captured in your gallery and tap it 4. Modify the entry

To proceed, please select the next button. Edit the photo with the filters of your choice 5. A Shareable Post:

After making adjustments to the photo, just click “next” to go to the posting page.

It is essential here that you properly attribute the work you find online. The Instagram handle of the original user may be added to the shared image by using the built-in credit function or by simply providing the person’s handle in the description.

Share the reshare
Click the share button after attributing the original creator and customising the post with a new caption, hashtags, and location, and your reshared item will appear in your stream.

Picmaker: Reposting on a Schedule

You just finished reading up on Instagram’s reposting capabilities, right? You may wish to schedule your posts for a certain time of day. Instagram success requires patience. Knowing when to post will maximise your audience’s interaction with your content. Availability is not guaranteed. Therefore, the best option is to schedule the post in advance. Here are detailed instructions on how to use Picmaker’s scheduling features.

First, access Picmaker.
Second, you’ll crash onto the control panel.
Picmaker provides a myriad of post templates that you may use to get started quickly.
You may make a new design by going to the Templates page, using the Dashboard, or the Sidebar.
Third, use the sidebar social scheduler.

The page you reach is the planner.
Fourth, set a publication time.

Connect your social media accounts to the social scheduler page.
Fifth, Choose the records

Choose the social media sites where you want your material shared, then choose the publication time and date.
Examining the Posted Material

Check the calendar view of your planned posts to make sure they are suitably spaced and optimised for maximum interaction.

Alternative Instagram Reposting Tools

Users who do not have the “Repost” feature available on their Instagram app can still repost using third-party apps.

Apps like these are tailored to the task of reposting on Instagram and may include advanced tools and settings.

The flexibility to apply watermarks, modify the reposted picture, and adjust the post’s size and format are three major benefits of utilising a third-party software for reposting.

Additional features, like the ability to schedule reposts or monitor engagement statistics for reposted content, are also commonly available in these apps.

Limitations and Ethical Concerns

Reposting material from other Instagram users that you find interesting is a great way to increase the reach of your own posts. However, before sharing someone else’s work, you should weigh the legal and ethical ramifications.

Reposting material without the original author’s consent may constitute copyright violation. Because the original author may have copyright protections on their work, it is essential to get permission from them before reposting their content. The failure to get consent may have legal repercussions.

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