Facebook launched the new rival variation of TikTok on August 5, which is popularly known as Instagram reels, right inside their existing platforms. It has been live in the week. We have all noticed that Instagram platforms push the fifteen seconds short from video clips. The short video content with dances, moves, catchy music. You can highlight your brands and businesses by using the new platform Instagram Reels. Facebook has created an inbuilt feature on Instagram for publishing short video content.  


Here are some great quick tips that will help you to record videos, find a video, and edit together the Reels in your account on Instagram. People can select the sounds or music from the big music library of Instagram or add their own one. Also, people can adjust their videos’ speed, for example, speed up the video or slow down the video. And add various kinds of effects to the videos, for example, GIFs. People can also add a countdown timer for making the videos without holding on the hand that means a hands-free feature. Once you are finished with your videos, you can edit your video’s cover photo using the cover from the camera roll or thumbnail of your video. Next, you can share your Reels videos and the new tab for Reels on your profile, Explore Feed, or share with your Instagram Stories. 

You can see the Reels video from Instagram’s trending account and popular account instead of seeing only the Reels videos from the account of people you follow on Instagram. Featured opportunities are also there for videos. 

That featured Reel video that you have seen on Instagram is selected or chosen by the in-house content curators of Instagram. Ensure that you are creating unique content and engaging content for getting more likes, more views, and more shares. The Instagram Reels target millennials and Gen Z for the music video and dance videos originally and gain Instagram Reels comments and are famous among them. Instagram Reels help people make the 15 seconds short-form video clips, that short-form video clips are made for educating, fun and entertainment. Instagram just uses the new functionality and features just as they have the Instagram Stories and Instagram TV (IGTV).

 Use Reels to create a short to the camera the pieces; use Instagram Reels to show your products, brands, and businesses in action. Brands and businesses are getting millions of eyes on Instagram Reels for marketing purposes. Collaborating with the topmost influencers and showcasing the products and services, and brands are the newest social media marketing tool. Use Instagram Reels for getting more exposure and popularity.

TikTok and Instagram have many similarities, and users can easily use the same videos across social media networks. You can create your video either within Reels or Instagram, and make sure to save your video to camera reels before you publish.