Methods for Using Instagram Stories to Drive More Likes, Comments, and Follows

Instagram’s stories feature is so popular that about 2 billion users access it every day. It’s an excellent medium for consumers to interact with live content from brands, famous people, influential people, and even their own friends and family.

Instagram stories are a great way for businesses to reach out to customers on a more personal level. Raising participation on Instagram may be accomplished in a number of ways, but stories are among the most effective. People on social media would prefer engage in dialogue than see a thousand ads every day.

Good for you if you’re already making use of Instagram Stories. Yet, it’s not sufficient just to add to your narratives every day. To get more out of Instagram, you may use this function to interact with your current audience, spark new conversations, and attract new followers.

Now the question is how to boost your Instagram following and make the most of Instagram Stories. The best advice is right here, so keep reading.

Exactly what does Instagram “Engagement” mean?

For Instagram users, engagement occurs when they interact with your posts. This means that anything from like to sharing to sending a message to commenting are all forms of engagement. The algorithm utilises engagement to weight the significance of your material. Instagram users are more likely to see your posts in their feeds if they receive a lot of likes, comments, and shares.

Do What You Think Is Right

Taking a look at what is currently receiving a lot of attention is one of the simplest and most practical strategies to increase engagement on your Instagram stories. Instagram does an excellent job of segmenting your data, letting you know anything from which demographics (such as age and gender) are engaging with your content to when your posts perform best.

Now that you can access Instagram statistics on the go, you may modify your posting strategy accordingly. Among the most useful methods are:

Placing them during peak, most-visited periods Edgar allows you to pre-schedule Instagram stories. Here’s How to Do It!)
Improving them by adding context, tags, and mentions
Working with key opinion leaders to spread your stories
In reference to the pictures you’ve included in your story
All of these methods focus on making the most of the data you already have at your disposal. There is a preexisting demographic that are interested in hearing your tales and learning from them swiftly. To keep people interested, focus on the aspects of your narrative that they have shown interest in.

Increase your likes, comments, and followers on Instagram by providing content that is tailored to the interests of your audience.

Knowing your customer’s needs and wants is just as crucial as learning more about your demographic. Just what do they want from you, exactly?

You may focus on publishing story content that reflects the answers to those questions by asking them of yourself. Never forget that content is king. The material you provide on your narrative, however, should centre on customization and the provision of answers to any “problems” your clients may have (what can you do for them that your competitors can’t?).

Advertisements may be annoying, even if they’re offering a product or service that people really desire. Perhaps they’re interested in more exclusive, behind-the-scenes material. Or perhaps they need some of their questions to be answered. Perhaps customers need to see the product or service in action, rather than in still images or generic promotional movies.

Tell tales that are both new and interesting, and listeners will feel more at ease reacting to you. Don’t disregard the inquiries and feedback people are posting. Alternately, include them in your narratives. Offering your followers the kinds of interactions they seek will encourage them to keep up with you.

Prompt Discussions

Engaged customers lead to a 23% increase in a company’s bottom line. Many people have grown weary of always being bombarded with the same “commercials” and other forms of advertising. Stickers are a great tool for sparking interactions with your followers on Instagram’s stories feature. Instagram users have the option of using stickers in their stories to:

For the purpose of a query
Do a survey or poll.
Get them to choose between two options.
You will not only collect information from the responses, but you can also publish it by publishing your preferred answers. You might also share the final tally with your followers based on the poll or vote. Users of Instagram may be actively involved in a matter in a matter of seconds by “clicking” a vote or poll button.

You may learn a lot about what your followers are thinking by asking them questions, and they may return to your account to see if you addressed their concerns (either publicly or privately).

Instagram stories allow you to go “live” with a Q&A session, allowing you to respond to questions as they come in in real time. It’s a great way to connect with your audience right away while also giving them a glimpse into who’s behind the scenes at your company.

Boost Your Interactions With Instagram Stories Today

Instagram tales are effective. They have a huge impact. Great job if you already have a strategy for what to post on Instagram Stories. But don’t just focus on scheduling content; look for other opportunities to interact with your audience as well. You’ll increase your word-of-mouth advertising and convert more of your present followers into dedicated fans now that you know how to increase engagement on Instagram.

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