Bring Bags Of Engagement To Your Instagram Story: 5 Useful Tricks

Did you know? More than 500 million people are engaged with Instagram stories daily. This feature is not only for personal profiles but also for brands. You could spot lots and lots of products, brands promoting their business on Instagram stories. It is one of the excellent features. It will vanish after 24 hours; you have plenty of tools, options to create and design your content for your Instagram stories.

Currently, it has become an effective tool for brands and marketers to enrich your brand’s image. Let’s spot some powerful tips to improve your engagement rate on Instagram story.

Tags are Prominent To Boost Reach

I think you are all experiencing hashtags’ benefits; usually, it brings extra likes, comments, and views to your Instagram post.

How is it possible? Hashtags make your content visible to your target audience and easily in front of people even if they don’t follow your profile. This will work for Instagram stories also, including the relevant hashtags to your story posts. Place one or two. 

Same like hashtags location tag, it helps to target your specific niche, and it focuses on your surroundings.

Lift People Interaction Through Polls & Question 

Do you want to grab your people’s attention immediately? Then polls and question stickers are the perfect ones. Through polls, you could ask any type of question, ensure it is related to your business or brands. It helps you bring extra Instagram story views for your content, and your engagement level will also increase. Also, you can make use of question stickers; it lets your audience ask questions. It encourages conversation among your audience. On the other hand, you can find a lot of useful info, insights about your audience preferences, opinions about your brand.

Share Others Post

Don’t fill your storyboard with your own content; it may lose interest in your brand or account. Instead, what about posting other content in your account? It will give a positive effect on your profile. By this way, you are offering different content for your audience to engage. Also, your audience will feel happy and recognized when you post their content on your storyboard.

Try posting user-generated content that is more effective and worthy to promote your business or services organically with your audience.

Make Use Of Instagram Live 

Most of the people going live on social media, feels like an uncomfortable task because they frighten about criticism, what happens if you lose your consistency or flow, spit when speaking. They concentrate on those silly things. But actually, audiences don’t expect perfect things; they always want to watch spontaneous and natural flow from you. Do more lives; it helps connect with your audience more deeply and understand your audience’s expectations. Also, your engagement rate will lift up. You can even telecast live events of your meetings, product launch, press meets, and more.

Don’t Preach Tell Them A Story. 

If you need to share more information, don’t put everything together in one story; split up your info into 3 to 5 stories and share it. It encourages your audience to engage. 

Post consistent stories, follow a unique style, format for your Instagram story. Concentrate on color, backgrounds, themes, music, and concepts and check all those factors related to or match your brands.


If your goal is to increase engagement on Instagram stories, then use stickers and tags in your content. Consistency is crucial to hold constant engagement on Instagram story. I hope the following tips will help you to maximize your engagement and reach on your Instagram story.