How To Post Instagram Reels At The Right Time To Boost Views

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People use Instagram for personal or business purposes, and essential to analyze the best time to post, which helps to screw up the algorithm. Instagram is a worldwide application, so the best time differs based on your target audience. Some marketers stated the best practices for finding the best time to post Instagram reels that makes your content highly engaged and attracts more followers to you. 

Does Timing Matter To Post Instagram Reels?

Delivering your content while the audience is highly active gives you more eyesight, so your video gets more views than usual. The initial post engagement is an excellent sign that your video will reach the target audience. It is no use when you post videos; when they are not online, it shrinks your reach. 

Are you interested in finding the right time? First, you need to observe how the Instagram algorithm works, which gives a clear idea. 

How Does Instagram Algorithm Work?

The Instagram algorithm decides the post range based on engagement, then choose the highly engaging videos at the top of the feeds and other orders. You have to concentrate on your interactions with others and content qualities to trigger the algorithm to attain maximum reach. 

Aspects Deciding The Best Time To Post Reels

The best time to post reels on Instagram is when your target audience is active, but it’s a global platform, so you should analyze the different time zones. Find out the below-listed factors:

Users Active Time

The analytics tool is the best place to get an insight about when most of the followers are active, then only you get a chance to be seen by many people. 

Audience Demographics

This page contains the user’s age scale, gender, ideal time, and locations that is only available for the business accounts. Understanding the demographics helps to find the user’s interest and the best time to post on Instagram reels. 


Analytics sections list the user’s range based on their location for the past 30 days, helping you find each location’s active time. 

What Is The Best Time To Post Instagram Reels?

The marketer analyzed this survey result over many Instagram business posts, stating the users want to check Instagram in the afternoon and mid-week. Follow the below instructions to get the best time to post Instagram reels. 

  • High engagement times are at 6 pm to get a break from their work and 9 pm to relax their stress. 
  • The weekends have the highest engagement rate, particularly with 6.47% of users most active on Sunday, 6.05% on Saturday, 5.95% on Monday, and 5.6% on weekdays. 
  • If you want to post on weekdays, Wednesday is the best choice. 

While posting content on social media platforms, getting a higher engagement within a few hours is essential to get growth. So the Instagram algorithm will show your post to broader audiences. Finding the right time to post your content helps to get more visibility. But if your post reach was not good, buy instant views for reels videos to get a new start in reaching popularity for your engaging content. However, maintaining consistent engagement is incredibly important to make a strong presence on Instagram. 

Engagement Rates Based On Location


Weekends and wednesdays are the best time to post Instagram reels for Atlanta audiences. Notably, 11 pm to 12 am are the best time and they follow eastern standard time. 


Houston in the United Kingdom, and they follow central standard time. The weekend days have high engagement, specifically from 1 am to 2 am and 9 pm to 12 am. 


Generally, Canada has six time zones, and the easternmost time zone of high engagement is 9 am to 11 am, 4 pm, and 10 pm on the weekends, Wednesday, Friday, and Tuesday. 

Los Angeles

They follow the pacific standard time, and they are highly engaged at weekends, wednesday and friday, 9 am and 8 am 

United Kingdom 

Midnight 2 am and weekends and Sundays at 1 pm are the high engagement times. 


Finding the best time to post Instagram reels helps connect with your audience and gives you more new followers. Focus on majority of audience location and deliver high-quality, innovative content based on their interest which grows your followers and provides more attention to your posts.