How Much Relatability Is Too Much In Real Life Vs. Instagram, Part 3?

One of the first pieces of advice you’ll likely receive as an Instagram brand owner is to always be genuine with your audience. They have probably also urged you to be as open and honest as possible. Yet they might not tell you that there is a line, and it’s not hard to cross it.

Once they find they have something in common with you, prospective customers will be driven to become loyal ones. You must always keep in mind that you are, in fact, managing a business. In other words, it is possible to strike the wrong balance between being too distant and too familiar.

What’s the Point of Your Brand?

Consumers are looking for material that is high quality and fascinating and captivating. Those interested in hiring you as a business consultant are not going to be impressed by images of your acai bowl for breakfast. At the end of the day, they care most about brand-related material.

Make a Business Connection

Sharing what you’ve learnt through a recent adversity might give you credibility and inspire your audience. But if you’re using your company’s account, try to find a way to tie it into what you do. Those who follow you want to see that you’re just like them, with ups and downs and good and terrible days, but that you can still keep it together and be professional while you’re online.

Attempt to Be Honest So Much As You Can

Your level of ease will vary from that of others since your own brand caters to a certain market segment. You should maintain sharing intimate photos that give your followers a glimpse into your life if they seem to like seeing them. Keep in mind that the majority of your audience is probably following you because they want to see more of your product; therefore, you should maximise your reach by giving them what they want. Showing your audience that you have human qualities is fine, but you should strike a balance between being too friendly and alienating them.

Don’t go beyond the captions

Putting personal information in captions is a good approach to divide the two. Thus, you may keep uploading high-quality, professional content related to your company, while yet adding a relevant insight or comment in the caption. If you’re not accustomed to doing this and haven’t yet figured out your brand voice in the captions, it may be worth it to consult an expert to see if they can help you come up with something that is entertaining, original, and, yes, on-brand.

The more you work on your brand, the more you’ll get a gut feeling for what works. You’ll have the ability to gauge the community’s tastes and preferences. Finding the right rhythm while developing an Instagram following is crucial, whether that means posting only captions or designating a set day for more personal updates.

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