An Ultimate Guide: TikTok For B2B Marketing

Success as a B2B brand on this prominent social media network is a tough nut to crack. Until recently, TikTok was generally considered a platform better suited for e-commerce and consumer applications. Yet, businesses can get a competitive advantage by being the first to utilise TikTok as a B2B marketing and growth platform. To put it another way, if you pass on this chance, you won’t be able to take advantage of the head start the first mover would have given you.
While the raw video format, casual nature of the platform, and the need for high content output can make developing a successful B2B marketing strategy on TikTok a challenge, it’s important to remember the many benefits that establishing a presence on the platform and leveraging its social capital can bring, including increased exposure, stronger brand recognition, faster experimentation, and a larger, more engaged audience.

What Are the Benefits of Using TikTok for Business-to-Business Promotion?

The following is a non-exhaustive list of advantages that the rapidly expanding platform can bring to any B2B brand with any reservations regarding TikTok.

Broad Replication and a Complex Target Group

Despite its initial lack of relevance in B2B marketing, TikTok is quickly becoming a serious contender as the de facto content platform for B2B, and its 1 billion monthly active users are only part of the explanation. TikTok users spend an average of 95 minutes (nearly 1.5 hours) every day on the app, demonstrating a high level of dedication to the service.

Brand Recognition

TikTok is in a unique position as a content channel for B2B due to the informative and entertaining quality of its content, which reduces the barriers to building valuable interactions with potential clients. TikTok’s AI system makes it more of a discovery and entertainment channel than a social media platform, allowing users to be found by their target audience if they create material that appeals to them.

True-Life Real Estate Tales

TikTok’s originality is unmatched, and the app’s primary focus on short videos is what makes it so successful. Brands now have more options than ever before for conveying value, a message, and their brand story thanks to the proliferation of this content type.

Informational Rotor

Finally, TikTok is a wise investment because the content produced for it will undoubtedly be successful on other platforms. By expanding their TikTok profiles, brands can amass an ever-expanding stockpile of short-form video content that can be used in organic and paid tactics on platforms like YouTube.

Techniques for Success on TikTok as a Business-to-Business Marketing Platform

You must be wondering what happened to the content strategy. We’ve developed a simple and uncomplicated TikTok for business plan that can be replicated with little effort. Content buckets help you organise your material, identify your brand’s tone of voice, replicate successful pieces, and identify areas for future growth.

Build content tiers around your brand’s core principles

For whom or what does your product stand? What makes your software as a service (SaaS) different from the competition? If it’s a physical good, consider how it stands out from the competition. Is there anything that sets your business or product apart from the competition?

Create a list once you have thought about and answered these values and questions. We’ll refer to these categories as “content buckets” that you may dip into whenever you need some inspiration for what to upload to your TikTok account.

Pull back the curtain and immerse your audience in your story

Because of its unique nature, TikTok encourages businesses to go beyond simply advertising their products and services (s). Building a strong presence on the platform involves pulling back the curtain, taking the community along for the ride, and sharing internal culture; this is a wonderful approach to lean into the genuine nature of TikTok.

In addition to making your company more approachable and human, this method may also be used to get valuable product feedback from customers and guide your next content strategy.

Put more effort into successful material

Depending on your chosen content kind and audience, a daily publishing frequency of between one and three times is recommended. Maintaining a constant tone and style in your content and approach to the platform can help you build trust with your audience and help you succeed.

By maintaining a regular schedule, both new and returning viewers will learn to recognise your brand’s voice on the platform and look to you for engagement and communication. Engaging in conversation and dialogue with current customers demonstrates that your company values their opinions and suggestions.

Methods of Analysis and Repetition

Evaluate how well your films are doing and choose an evaluation frequency (weekly, monthly, or quarterly) so you can actively gauge the success of the content you’re producing.


It can be difficult for a B2B brand to break into the TikTok market without a preexisting presence or voice on the platform. However, by studying the platform’s characteristics, such as its promise of top-of-funnel reach, lessons from the B2C side, and industry-leading examples, we can determine the best strategy to take.

Including TikTok for B2B into your marketing strategy is a great way to reach potential customers in a new environment.

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