What Are The Top 4 Twitter CTAs That Really Work?

When comparing the two platforms, it appears that Twitter followers are expanding at a quicker rate for companies than Facebook likes.

Twitter’s Top 4 CTAs (Calls to Action)

Recent data from advertising and analytics startup Optimal shows that when looking at the data from 4,330 firms, Twitter followers increased at a pace 55% quicker than Facebook likes.

While this doesn’t imply Twitter will soon surpass Facebook, the stats are looking up for the social media platform that popularised brevity.

In addition, this is the social media platform where marketers have the most experience with branding and setup, but where the vehicle is still parked. Brands that have figured out Facebook marketing tend to have well-thought-out plans and a good track record of success. Due of Twitter’s absence of self-service advertisements until very recently, the platform has been treated more as a casual dating partner than a potential life partner.

Calls to action are essential in marketing.

Even while tweeting is entertaining, if you want results, you need to ask your followers to do something.

Twitter has analysed data from a sample of 20,000 “Promoted Tweets” posted over a three-month period. The research contrasted Promoted Tweets with and without calls to action to see how the presence or absence of these elements affected the number and kind of engagements.

The best four “calls to action” on Twitter

Here are the findings, displaying the top four most successful “call to action” Tweets discovered by the research.

1. Request a download first.

Do you want people to check out your latest ebook or mobile app? With a download call to action, tweets saw an average 13% uptick in hits to their corresponding Link.

2. Retweet Request

Giving people a reason to retweet, like Cadbury did in the tweet below, boosts retweets by an average of 311%. Marketers commonly use contests and sweepstakes as an incentive to get people to take action.

3. Make a request to be followed

Increasing your number of followers increases your influence. If you offer a reward to people who follow you, you may quickly expand your audience. Results revealed a 258% increase in replies to Promoted Tweets that requested a follow.

4. Seek a response

Need a reply? So, inquire. It’s possible to incentivize an answer to your inquiry by offering anything in return for it. Your level of dedication will then skyrocket. The number of responses rose by 334%, according to the Twitter analysis.

In what ways do you differ from them?

Your Twitter marketing plan seems to be… stuck in neutral. Do you also use Facebook, or do you also use Twitter for commercial purposes?

I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts and seeing your responses in the section below.

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